ICRMS-Led Researchers

Dr. Liaquat Ali Channa


A Fulbright and British Alumnus, is a Professor at BUITEMS, specializing in educational linguistics. Explore his impactful research and contributions to academia.

Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi


IEEE Senior Fellow and Fulbright fellow, is a Computer Engineering Professor and Dean at BUITEMS. His research spans Machine Learning, GIS, and Big Data Analytics, contributing to national centers with transformative technology initiatives.

ICRMS Senior Researchers

Dr. Bashir Ahmed

Associate Professor

A Sociology PhD graduate, is an Associate Professor at BUITMES. With diverse experience, he focuses on community development, social protection, and education, specializing in migration and research.

Dr. Zobia Noreen

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at COMSATS University Islamabad, holds an M. Phil degree from Quaid-I-Azam University. With 14 years of experience, she specializes in clinical microbiology, molecular epidemiology, and nano-biotechnology.

Dr. Asma Bashir

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at Women’s University Multan, with 15 years of teaching experience, specializes in student learning, international student adjustment, refugee adaptation, and educational support.


Bakht Noor Khan


A seasoned policy and development research professional, holds over seven years of experience with government and development organizations. Currently, he’s Coordinator at University of Loralai, focusing on urban sustainability and governance.

Noman Nabi

MS Scholar

An International Relations scholar and Program Assistant at the International Rescue Committee, excels in project management and emergency response. Harvard graduate with distinction in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

ICRMS Junior Researchers

Nafisa Nasar

MS Scholar

An adept International Relations scholar, is a Program & Research Associate at ICRMS. Her research focuses on forced displacement and migration studies, emphasizing protracted Afghan refugees. Oxford graduate with distinction.

Naseer Khan Achakzai

BS Graduate

A dedicated mental health advocate, holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from BUITEMS. With diverse roles as a psychologist and youth counselor, he contributes significantly to well-being, especially in underdeveloped regions.

Mohammad Atif

MS Scholar

MS International Relations student at BUITEMS, focuses on human rights and peace. Experienced in policy and research, he contributes to papers on water security and pandemics. Aspires to be a change-maker.

Asma Hafiz

BS Political Science

Born and raised in Quetta, Pakistan, is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science at Govt; Girls Post Graduate College Quetta Cantt. She explores the impact of Balochistan’s culture on education, particularly for refugee girls, aiming to embrace diversity and foster connections.

Sana Ullah

MS Scholar

A Master’s student at the University of Balochistan, Quetta, explores “Rural-Urban Migration of Refugees in Balochistan” in an ICRMS research project, contributing valuable insights to migration dynamics.

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