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Education and Training

Capacity building refers to the process of developing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals and organizations to improve their performance and effectiveness in achieving their goals. It involves a range of activities such as training, mentoring, coaching, and providing resources to enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations. The ultimate goal of capacity building is to enable individuals and organizations to become more self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient. 

Community Building and Engagement

Host outreach activities are an essential part of building a strong and supportive community for refugees. Such activities can provide opportunities for refugees to connect with local resources, network, and showcase their talents and skills. Two examples of such outreach activities are a refugee student gala and a job fair.

Advocacy and Awareness

Research promotion involves activities aimed at increasing awareness and support for research endeavors. These activities can include conferences, workshops, publications, and other initiatives that seek to engage researchers, funders, policymakers, and the public. Effective research promotion can help to advance knowledge, solve real-world problems, and create positive social and economic impacts. It can also attract new talent to research fields and enhance the reputation of research institutions. 

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