Advocacy and Awareness

Policy Dialogues

The Policy Dialogues initiative will​ enable the various stakeholders in the selected themes to engage in a constructive, inclusive, and transparent debate to collectively address the refugees’ economic and social reform challenges and propose practical and operational solutions to the difficulties identified in the debates.

Public Lectures

The Lecture series on refugee and migration issues- with the consultation of UNHCR, ICRMS will invite experts in the field of refugee and migration studies for 04 lectures in the year 2023. Prominent civil society members, government officials, students, UNHCR staff, and other stakeholders will attend the talks. The objective of the public lectures is to engage with government, businesses, and the public to inform and educate the host community through leading open discussion of issues that confront refugees. Students, lecturers, participants of the event, journalists will benefit directly from the lecture.

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