Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi


ICRMS Research Project Title:

“Digital Education and Training for Refugee Employment: Best Practices and Policy Implications”

Short Biography:

Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi is an IEEE Senior Fellow and a Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Management Science (BUITEMS) Quetta, Pakistan. He is also serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology at BUITEMS. Dr. Kasi is a Fulbright fellow having a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. Having research interests

In Machine Learning, Geographic Information Systems, and Big Data Analytics, Dr. Kasi is currently serving as the Director of the Spatial Decision Support System Lab at BUITEMS, which was established under the National Center of GIS and Space Applications. He is also the CO-PI for Control, Automotive & Robotics Lab at BUITEMS, funded by the HEC National Center of Robotics and Automation. Under the national centers, Dr. Kasi and his team have completed several projects having worthwhile contributions. Some of these projects have applications in industry, academic, and government sectors, and published in leading research journals and conferences.

Dr. Kasi is a forward-thinking professional who recognizes the transformative power of technology. He actively engages in the realm of digital transformation, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and integration of cutting-edge technologies in his academic and research initiatives.

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