Asma Hafiz


ICRMS Research Project Title:

“Enhance Access to Education for Refugee Girls.”

Short Biography:

My name is Asma Hafiz. I was Born and raised in Quetta, Pakistan. My educational journey began at Govt; Girls Irrigation High School in Quetta, where I completed Matriculation in Science in 2015. Following this, I pursued F.S.C at Govt; Girls Inter College Satellite Town.

I have enrolled in Govt; Girls Post Graduate College Quetta Cantt, where I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Throughout my academic journey, I have exhibited a deep interest in understanding political systems and their impact on society.

As female local citizens, we face a lot of problems enrolling in higher education due to our culture. I want to know how Balochistan’s culture influences the education of non-citizens, which we named refugees, especially refugee girls. I have interest to embracing diversity and fostering connections across different communities.

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