Noman Nabi


ICRMS Research Project Title:

“Strengthening Inclusive Education for Afghan Refugees in Balochistan: A Community Driven Policy Approach.”

Short Biography:

Noman Nabi is an accomplished International Relations’ scholar, currently serves as a Program Assistant at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), specializing in project management, program support, and coordination. His significant contributions to emergency response projects during COVID-19 and the recent flooding in Balochistan underscore his commitment to IRC’s global objective of responding to the world’s worst crises, helping people to survive and rebuild their lives. As a Project Management Assistant in the IRC-led initiative “Enrollment, Retention, Mainstreaming, and Protection of Afghan Refugees and Host Communities in Balochistan (ERMP),” Noman facilitated the transition of Afghan refugees into government schools, after providing basic education, emphasizing education access for vulnerable populations. In addition to his practical experience, Noman graduated with distinction from the University of Harvard in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging through a short course, with a special focus on emergency situations, and has also engaged in policy formation courses, particularly in child safeguarding and protection.

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