Nafisa Nasar


ICRMS Research Project Title:

“Climate Change and Balochistan: A Case Study of Urban Flooding on the Already Marginalized and Vulnerable Community of Afghan refugees in Quetta.”

Short Biography:

Nafisa Nasar, an accomplished International Relations scholar, currently serves as a Program & Research Assistant at the International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies (ICRMS). Her research expertise includes forced displacement and migration studies. She has worked as a Researcher, focusing on the protracted situation of Afghan refugees in Balochistan with University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Nafisa’s professional background extends her role as a Master Trainer with the Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP), where she contributed to rural development and community leadership skills in both host and refugee populations. Her commitment to academic growth is evident through her involvement in the Displaced Scholars Mentoring Program and now part of the Emerging Scholars Network with the Kaldor Center (UNSW). She graduated with distinction from the University of Oxford in Displacement and Forced Migration Studies (short course), specializing in gender, education, health, livelihood, and climate-induced displacement, with a specific focus on Quetta. Nafisa is eager to apply her expertise to drive advancement in this critical field.

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