Mohammad Atif


ICRMS Research Project Title:

“Role of Technology in Connecting and Empowering Refugee Women: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Short Biography:

Muhammad Atif is a student of MS International Relations (MS IR) at BUITEMS. He has a keen interest in social and political issues, especially those related to human rights, democracy, and peace. He has worked in various sectors related to policy formulation, research, and program management, both in field and home settings. He has contributed to several papers and reports on topics such as water security in Balochistan, multiculturalism, and impacts of pandemics on state security. He is also an active member of different civil society organizations and networks that aim to promote dialogue, cooperation, and social justice.

 Muhammad Atif is a passionate learner who seeks to expand his knowledge and skills in the field of IR. He aspires to become a leader and a change-maker who can make a positive difference in the world. He believes that education is the key to empowerment and transformation.

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