Naseer Khan Achakzai


ICRMS Research Project Title:

“The Role of Social Support in Promoting Mental Health Among Refugees: An Investigation of Sources and Interventions, BUITEMS Graduate”

Short Biography:

Naseer Khan Achakzai is a dedicated professional passionate about mental health and community development. With a bachelor’s in Psychology from Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS). Naseer has honed a diverse skill set through roles as a psychologist, psychological support worker, and youth counselor.

Naseer’s commitment to mental health advocacy led to significant contributions in various organizations, including spearheading psychosocial activities at Drugs & Narcotics Educational Services for Humanity. His work at the International Medical Corps, where he provided essential psychological aid to over a hundred individuals in underdeveloped regions, underscores his dedication to fostering well-being.

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