Second Crash Course Graduation Ceremony 2023

On the 20th of December 2023, the International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies (ICRMS) marked the culmination of its intensive Crash Course with a vibrant Graduation Ceremony for Afghan Refugee Students. Steered by the adept moderation of Mr. Kazim, Reporting Assistant at ICRMS, the event commenced with a compelling opening address by Dr. Rahila Umar, the esteemed Director of ICRMS. Dr. Umar’s words not only motivated the graduating students but also set a positive tone for their educational journey ahead.

The ceremony featured a feedback video capturing testimonials from ICRMS staff, crash course students, and dedicated instructors, shedding light on the course’s effectiveness and transformative impact. Four students shared thoughtful feedback. Crash course instructors Mr. Najeeb, Mr. Akram, and Mr. Afzal also joined the celebration, and shared their experience  of adding to the festive atmosphere.

UNHCR representatives Tesfaye Bekele and Jalal Khan, concluded with the distribution of certificates to students and recognition shields to instructors. The event closed on a celebratory note with a communal lunch, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among all participants.

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