Research Symposium on Navigating Refugee Challenges in Balochistan (Junior Researchers)

On December 15, 2023, the Research Symposium on Navigating Refugee Challenges in Balochistan took place in the Training Hall, BUITEMS. The Junior researchers presented their research projects, which were granted by ICRMS. One Junior researcher was located outside Pakistan participated virtually, while the remaining four researchers attended in person.

The evaluator, Mr. Hamml Aslam, joined the symposium virtually, while Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, evaluator and Ms. Noreen Sahar, education associate UNHCR attended in person. The symposium commenced at 10:00 am with the recitation of the Holy Quran and opening remarks from Dr. Rahila Umer, the Director of ICRMS.

Below is the list of researchers and the titles of their research projects.


S.no. Researchers Research Title
1 Ms. Nafisa Nasar Climate Change’s Impact on Afghan Refugees: A Case Study of Floods 2022.
2 Ms. Asma Hafeez and Ms. Kiran Naheed Enhance Access to Education for Refugee Girls.


Mr. Naseer Khan Achakzai The Role of Social Support in Promoting Mental Health Among Refugees: An Investigation of Sources and Interventions, BUITEMS Graduate.
4 Mr. Atif and Mr. Bilal Agha  Role of Technology in Connecting and Empowering Refugee Women: Challenges and Opportunities.
5 Mr. Sanaullah


Rural-Urban Migration of Refugees in Balochistan.


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