International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies

Crash Course – Afghan Refugee Students’

The first crash course was initiated from March 07th, 2022 to April 07th, 2022. A total of 1300 refugees and immigrants applied for the crash course offered by ICRMS and only 30 were selected against the seats reserved for them. The selection of these students was done with the help of UNHCR. They were selected through tests and interviews. A total of 20 refugee candidates were selected of which 13 were males candidates and 7 were female candidates and 10 were local candidates in which one female and 9 male got selected. The three courses were taught by Muhammad Mohsin (English), Abdul Ahad (Basic Maths), and Dr. Rahila Umer (Information Communication). The teachers wholeheartedly welcomed Refugee students and taught the respective courses ardently.

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