Second Crash Course – Afghan refugees Students’

ICRMS initiated the second crash course for Afghan refugees from September 15 to October 15, 2022. Refugees were prioritized, and a total of 70 students were selected for the second session. Among 70 students, 60 were refugees and 10 were local of which 43 were male and 27 females placed themselves on the list. In the orientation session, students were given awareness about Goals, Ethics, BUITEMS, and the curriculum. The concerned teachers were enthusiastic about teaching and assigned different activities to the students to make them responsible citizens and more task oriented.  By the end of the crash course, students had better learning of the desired courses. There were two sections to accommodate a large number of students. Both classes were taught separately; English by Miss Anila Panizai and Miss Tanzila Arbab, ICT by Mr. Ali Asghar and Mr. Akram, and Math by Mr. Manzoor and Dr. Abdul Qauyum.

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