Summit on Refugee and Migration Research: Fostering Solutions for Sustainable Futures

On December 27, 2023, ICRMS (International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies) held a summit on “Refugee and Migration Research: Fostering Solutions for Sustainable Futures” at BUITEMS Training Hall from 10 am to 2 pm. The summit aimed to provide a platform for ICRMS Senior and Junior Research Grant projects, as well as ICRMS lead research studies, to present and showcase their work.

The summit commenced with opening remarks from Dr. Rahila Umer, the Director of ICRMS, and Mr. Tesfaye Bakeley, Head of the sub-office of UNHCR. Distinguished participants included Dr. Abdul Wadood, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSS&H); Dr. Aurangzaib Alamgeer, Professor in the IR department at BUITEMS; faculty members from the Psychology department at BUITEMS; Research officers from Balochistan Think Tank Network (BTTN); ICRMS Senior and Junior Researchers; Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi, Dean of FICT; Akram Khan from the Computer Science department; Mr. Jalal Kakar, Program Officer at UNHCR; Ms. Noreen Sahar, Education Associate at UNHCR; Ms. Humera Karim, External Relations Associate at UNHCR; Hashim Mandokhail, Program Officer at Inspire Pakistan; and lecturers from the Sociology and Education departments at BUITEMS.

During the summit, six researchers had the opportunity to present their research projects.


ICRMS/Led Research Projects


  1. Research Title: Breaking Barriers: A Policy Document to Increase Enrollment and Decrease Dropout Rates for Afghan Refugee Students

PI: Dr. Liaqat Ali Channa

Co-PI: Ms. Fatima, Ms. Shalla and Ms. Hifsa



  1. Research Title: Digital Education and Training for Refugee Employment: Best Practices and Policy Implications

PI: Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi

Co-PI: Mr. Akram Khan 


ICRMS Senior Research Grant Projects


  1. Research Title: A Mixed Method Approach to Explore the Predictors of Mental Health Challenges, life satisfaction and Coping mechanism of Afghan Refugee Youth.

PI: Dr. Asma Bashir

  1. Research Title: Risk Assessment and Spatial Clustering of Infectious Diseases Among Afghan Refugees

PI: Dr. Zobia Noreen

Co-PI: Dr. Ayisha Khurshid and Dr. Umer Zeeshan Ijaz


ICRMS Junior Research Grant Projects

  1. Research Title: Climate Change’s Impact on Afghan Refugees: A Case Study of Floods 2022.

PI: Nafisa Nasar

  1. Research Title: Enhance Access to Education for Refugee Girls.

PI: Kiran Naheed

C0-PI: Asma Hafeez

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