Research Symposium on Navigating Refugee Challenges in Balochistan

On December 8, 2023, the Research Symposium on Navigating Refugee Challenges in Balochistan took place in the video conference room. Senior researchers presented their research projects, which were granted by ICRMS. Three senior researchers located outside Balochistan participated virtually, while the remaining two researchers attended in person. Additionally, two groups of ICRMS-led researchers were present on-site.

The evaluator, Dr. Abdul Kamal, joined the symposium virtually, while Dr. Abdul Wadood attended in person. The symposium commenced at 10:00 am with the recitation of the Holy Quran and opening remarks from Dr. Rahila Umer, the Director of ICRMS.

Below is the list of researchers and the titles of their research projects.


S.no. Researchers Research Title
1 Mr. Noman Nabi and Dr. Abdul Wadood Strengthening Inclusive Education for Afghan Refugees in Balochistan: A Community Driven Policy Approach.
2 Dr. Asma Bashir A Mixed Method Approach to Explore the Predictors of Mental Health Challenges, life satisfaction and Coping mechanism of Afghan Refugee Youth.
3 Dr. Zobia Noreen, Dr. Ayisha Khurshid and Dr. Umer Zeeshan Ijaz Risk Assessment and Spatial Clustering of Infectious Diseases Among Afghan Refugees.
4 Mr. Bakht Noor Khan, Mr. Sheran Khan and Ms. Tayyaba kakar Refugee women in Pakistan: discrimination faces and Policy solutions: Case study of Loralai, Balochistan.
5 Dr. Bashir Ahmed and Ms. Sania Sabir Qureshi Analyzing Gender Roles in Prospect of Influencing Women Empowerment in the Context of Urban and Rural Afghan Refugees Settlements in Balochistan.
6 Dr. Liaqat Ali Channa, Ms. Fatima, Ms. Shalla and Ms. Hifsa Breaking Barriers: A Policy Document to Increase Enrollment and Decrease Dropout Rates for Afghan Refugee Students
7 Dr. Bakhtiar Kasi, Mr. Akram Khan Digital Education and Training for Refugee Employment: Best Practices and Policy Implications
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