ICRMS Junior Research Grants Defense

The International Center for Refugees and Migration Studies (ICRMS) conducted the proposal defense for their annual Junior Research Grants on 27th June 2023 at the Training Hall, SS Block, BUITEMS. The event was held in a hybrid mode, allowing both physical and remote participation.

The defense began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by introductions of the participants and ICRMS staff. An introductory video provided an overview of ICRMS and its mission. Ms. Rahila Umer, the Director of ICRMS, delivered a speech highlighting the significance of the research grants and the importance of the proposed projects.

The defense proceedings included opening remarks by Dr Rahila Umer, Director of ICRMS. Ms. Kinza Fatima, the reporting assistant at ICRMS, delivered an orientation presentation about ICRMS Research Grants, providing key insights into the grant program.

The shortlisted candidates presented and defended their research proposals from 11:45 am to 2:15 pm. The principal investigators and their respective topics were as follows:

  1. Sana Ullah, a master’s student from the University of Balochistan, presented on “Rural-Urban Migration of Refugees in Balochistan” under the theme of Protection.
  2. Asma Hafiz, representing Government Girls Degree College, presented on “Enhancing Access to Education for Refugee Girls” under the theme of Education.
  3. Muhammad Atif, a graduate student from BUITEMS, presented on “Role of Technology in Connecting and Empowering Refugee Women: Challenges and Opportunities” under the theme of Livelihood.
  4. Myra Mehmood, an MPhil scholar from Quad e Azam University, presented a case study titled “Climate Change and Balochistan: A Case Study of Urban Flooding on the Already Marginalized and Vulnerable Community of Afghan Refugees in Quetta” encompassing the themes of Climate Change and Protection.
  5. Naseer Khan Achakzai, a graduate student from BUITEMS, presented on “The Role of Social Support in Promoting Mental Health among Refugees: An Investigation of Sources and Interventions” under the theme of Health/Psychology.

The event concluded with closing remarks and a review session. The evaluation of the proposals was carried out by Dr. Khalid Khan, Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at BUITEMS, Dr. Sara Rafiq,  Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Women University, Malakand, and Dr Rahila Umer, Director of ICRMS

The ICRMS Junior Research Grants Defense provided a platform for these aspiring researchers to present their proposals and contribute to the field of refugee and migration studies. The event showcased their dedication, talent, and commitment to addressing key challenges faced by refugee populations in Balochistan.

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