ICRMS Crash Course Graduation Ceremony 2023

On September 20, the International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies (ICRMS) celebrated the Graduation Ceremony for Afghan Refugee Students who successfully completed the intensive Crash Course. The event was impeccably moderated by Mr. Kazim, a Reporting Assistant at ICRMS. Setting the tone for the occasion, Dr. Rahila Umar, the esteemed Director of ICRMS, delivered a powerful opening address, instilling motivation, and encouragement in the students as they embarked on their educational journey. Dr. Umar’s speech was followed by a compelling feedback video featuring testimonials from ICRMS staff, crash course students, and dedicated instructors, providing valuable insights into the course’s effectiveness and impact.

Following this, Mr. Shehzad, the Project Manager at ICRMS, engaged in a highly interactive session with the Afghan Refugee Students, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. Feedback on the 45-day crash course was thoughtfully shared by four students, each offering unique perspectives. Muhammad Ashraf, for instance, eloquently recounted his personal journey from Loralai to BUITEMS, emphasizing the valuable skills he acquired during the course.

Nasima, another crash course student, highlighted the exceptional behavior displayed by their instructors, underscoring the positive and encouraging environment created for the students. Rehmat Ullah further commended the instructors’ expertise and shared how the crash course significantly bolstered his confidence and motivation throughout the learning process. Hikmat Ullah, adding to the enriching feedback, suggested the implementation of a six-month crash course to further enhance skill acquisition. He also emphasized the growing importance of E-Learning and Digital Marketing skills for Afghan Refugee Students and recommended the integration of these subjects into the crash course curriculum.

The Graduation Ceremony was graced by the presence of Mohsin Khan, the English Language Instructor, who expressed gratitude to ICRMS for organizing such a productive crash course. He acknowledged the significant potential of this initiative in propelling the refugees’ higher educational journey and overall progress. In the last of the event, certificates were distributed to the refugee students, while shields of recognition were presented to the dedicated instructors. The participants were then treated to a celebratory lunch, fostering a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

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