Exposure Visit of Shamama Public High School Students

The first Exposure Visit of Shamama Public High School was held on March 20th, 2023, at BUITEMS. The students were gathered at the Pink Hall, and the session was formally started with verses from the Holy Quran. Out of the total 88 participants, 78.4% (69) were female.

After the introductory session, a video of BUITEMS University was played on the screen to inform the students about the facilities and resources available at the university and how they, as refugees, can access these resources and secure admission.

Following the video, Ms. Nafisa, Program and Research Assistant at ICRMS, delivered a presentation about the International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies. The presentation was followed by remarks from Dr. Raheela Umer Sumalani, Director of ICRMS, who talked about the facilitation and assistance provided to refugees and the various activities held by ICRMS that Afghan refugee students can participate in. She inspired and motivated the students to pursue higher education and follow their dreams, sharing success stories of refugee students at BUITEMS and other universities in Baluchistan. Dr. Rahila emphasized the importance of exposure visits in helping students broaden their horizons and discover new career paths.

providing access to facilities and resources, such visits can motivate students to pursue higher education and achieve their goals. The expected outcome of this exposure visit is that the students will be more aware of the resources available to them and will be better equipped to take advantage of them. They will also be more motivated to continue their education and strive for success in their chosen fields.

After the interactive session, the students were taken for an exposure visit of BUITEMS University. They visited the Sports Complex, Fitness Gym, Library, Digital Library, Labs, Laboratories, Youth Development Center, National Incubation Center (NIC), and Research Center. The visit ended with a tour of the ICRMS office, during which Mr. Hafeez Ullah, Communication Officer at ICRMS, informed the students that they can visit and reach out to ICRMS staff at any time for mentoring, career counseling, or help related to getting admission to universities or participating in ICRMS activities/events. He also encouraged the students to visit the ICRMS website, YouTube channel, and Twitter handle to stay updated about the Center.”

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