Comprehensive Workshop on Research Methodologies, Design, and Publication Strategies in Refugees and Migration Studies

From July 31st to August 4th, 2023, the International Center for Refugees and Migration Studies (ICRMS) organized an impactful workshop for junior researchers, led by Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, Chairperson and Assistant Professor of the Department of International Relations at BUITEMS. The workshop’s objective was to enhance the junior researchers’ proficiency across various research dimensions. It encompassed refining individual research proposals, delving into qualitative research methodologies, elucidating research design and theoretical frameworks, exploring diverse data analysis techniques, and guiding participants towards effective research publication strategies.

Under Mr. Ahmed’s adept guidance, the workshop addressed pivotal aspects of the participants’ research journey. It fostered a deeper understanding of research proposals, facilitating well-directed research trajectories. Additionally, participants gained insights into qualitative research techniques, strengthened research design principles, and honed skills in data analysis and interpretation. The culmination of the workshop centered on proficient strategies for research publication. While the workshop effectively covered a wide array of research essentials, augmenting the curriculum with sessions on ethical considerations in research and establishing interactive peer critique forums could further enrich the learning experience for junior researchers.

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