On the 19th of October 2023, Mr. Jameel, Deputy Director of the Commissionarate for Afghan Refugees, embarked on a significant visit to the International Center for Refugees and Migration Studies (ICRMS) at BUITEMS. During the visit, he met with the Director of ICRMS. Their discussions revolved around the ongoing activities, policy dialogues, and task force meetings related to Afghan refugees in Quetta. This exchange of ideas and information served as a valuable platform for addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by Afghan refugees in the region.

One notable highlight of Mr. Jameel’s visit was his engagement with a Crash Course class attended by Afghan refugee students at BUITEMS. He took the opportunity to interact with both the refugee students and their instructors, seeking to gain insights into the challenges they confront during their educational journey. Of particular significance was Mr. Jameel’s strong emphasis on prioritizing the educational and employment opportunities of female refugees. He underscored the importance of enabling them to access higher education and secure decent work opportunities, recognizing the transformative potential of education in their lives.

Mr. Jameel reaffirmed the unwavering support and cooperation of the CAR office and stressed the need to ensure that Afghan refugees holding ACC cards have also access to higher education through collaborations with international organizations such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This visit showcased the commitment to addressing the diverse needs of Afghan refugees and fostering their integration into the community, particularly through education and employment opportunities.

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