Exposure Visit – Ahmed Shah Baba High School

On June 22, 2022, the ICRMS hosted a third exposure visit on “World Refugee Day (WRD)” and the speaker for the lecture was Dr. Arif Azad, titled “Refugees’ Today: Displaced, Unintegrated, and Repatriated.” He is a developmental consultant and public policy expert who writes on policy matters, politics, and international affairs. He further gave a fruitful lecture on refugees’ history, their numbers, and socioeconomic conditions in the developing world.

The students of Ahmed Shah Baba High School were brought for the exposure visit and also for the public lecture. The lecture was about the history of refugees, and the inundation of refugees in Pakistan, which shaped the demography. Dr. Arif also explained the Solution Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR), a principal regional framework advanced by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and UNHCR to address the refugees crisis. He also stressed the pitfalls in the policies for refugees and suggested ways to seize opportunities for refugees. The students were given a tour of the BUITEMS electronic, HBL, and biotechnological labs, laboratories, library, sports complex, gym, NIC, and ICRMS. Afghan refugees telling their success stories, Naghma, tableau, and embroidery stalls were among the activities held to commemorate World Refugee Day.

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