International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies

Career Counselling Session At Shamama Public High School Hazara Town Quetta

On March 16, 2023, the first career counseling session of ICRMS was conducted at Shamama Public High School in Hazara Town Quetta. The session was attended by a total of 106 students, out of which 41 were female and 56 were male. The session was conducted by two career counsellors, Mr. Muhammad Rasool Shah and Ms. Farishta Durrani, who are well-known educationists, career advisors, psychologists, and motivational therapists in the context of refugees.

The session started with a brief introduction of ICRMS presented by Mr. Saad Uddin, Project Manager of ICRMS. Then, Mr. Muhammad Rasool Shah engaged the students in an interactive session by asking them about their experiences as refugees in Pakistan. He shared many success stories, including his own, to motivate the students and encourage them to strive for a brighter future in Pakistan. The students got very motivated and shared their own plans for a brighter future.

In the second half of the program, Ms. Farishta started her session and engaged the students in a psychological therapy session. She explained the theory of change and applied it to the students by engaging them in an activity to turn paper into a ship, airplane, or flower, and then asking them to write their future hopes and plans on it. She then engaged the students in a musical activity to help them relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

In the last part of the session, the students were informed about their options for higher education, including admission to universities in Balochitan and all over Pakistan. They were also informed in detail about scholarships and financial assistance opportunities. The session ended with the distribution of certificates and shields and refreshments.

Overall, the session was highly effective in motivating and encouraging the students to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The career counsellors provided valuable information and guidance, and the psychological therapy session helped the students to release stress and anxiety. The students left the session with a positive outlook towards their future in Pakistan.

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