Career Counseling Sessions at Surkhab Camp School No. 49 (Boys School) and School No. o2 (Girls School)

On July 18, 2023, the International Center for Refugees and Migration Studies successfully organized the fifth career counseling session at Surkhab Camp School No. 49 (Boys School) and School No. 02 (Girls School), where 40 boys and 69 girls attended separate sessions. The primary objective was to raise awareness about scholarships, fee concessions, and other financial benefits available to refugees interested in pursuing higher education, including at BUITEMS. The program proved highly beneficial, as it unveiled numerous opportunities for the refugee community in rural camps of Balochistan. However, the girls faced challenges due to their schools not being upgraded to the 12th grade and lacking information on university admissions through POR cards.

During the sessions, the students’ enthusiasm and eagerness were palpable as they voluntarily delivered presentations on their major targets and action plans, expressing a strong desire for a mentorship center to receive more specific guidance regarding university admissions. Additionally, they were informed about the availability of crash courses. Both teachers and students expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity and exhibited a strong commitment to applying for successful admission to universities. The sessions, observed by Ms. Shabeena from UNHCR and Mr. Zubair from the SOCIETY organization, concluded with certificate distribution and refreshments, leaving a positive and lasting impression on all participants. Overall, the fifth career counseling sessions provided valuable guidance and motivation to refugee students, with the girls’ higher attendance and enthusiasm highlighting their determination to overcome obstacles and pursue higher education, empowered by the unveiled opportunities and support.

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