Third Career Counseling Session at Shaheed Habib Ur Rehman School and College, Quetta

The International Center for Refugee and Migration Studies (ICRMS) organized its third career counseling session for Afghan refugee students at higher secondary school, Shaheed Habib Ur Rehman School & College in Quetta on June 3, 2023. The session saw a remarkable turnout of 60 enthusiastic students. The event commenced with a warm welcome from the school’s principal, who expressed heartfelt gratitude to ICRMS for their ongoing initiatives in supporting and empowering refugee students. The principal acknowledged the significance of such sessions in shaping the future of these young individuals and fostering hope within their communities.

The Project Manager of ICRMS, Mr. Saad Uddin, used the occasion to present the organization and express his sincere gratitude to the teaching staff and pupils of the school for openly hosting the event. He emphasized the need for teamwork and combined efforts in improving the lives of refugees. A renowned career counsellor named Mr. Muhammad Rasool Shah captured the students’ attention with his inspirational remarks. In order to broaden their perspectives and open up a wealth of employment prospects, both in Pakistan and back in their home countries, he passionately encouraged them to pursue tertiary education. He explored several professional pathways connected to many careers, illuminating the possibilities for advancement and achievement in each one. Mr. Rasool Shah patiently addressed all the questions of the students, providing necessary guidance. Mr. Saad Uddin stipulated light on the scholarships and online learning portals accessible exclusively for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, broadening the scope of knowledge covered in the session. He emphasized the value of education in overcoming obstacles and the wealth of resources and support systems available to make their educational path easier.

Ms. Farishta, a professional psychologist, delivered a fascinating presentation on motivation, relaxation techniques, stress-relieving therapies, and hope therapy strategies to foster the students’ emotional resilience and well-being. She presented helpful tips to manage stress and cultivate a positive outlook while gently addressing the special difficulties encountered by refugee students in Pakistan. The material she covered was designed to provide the students with the self-assurance, self-esteem, and practical tools they needed to handle the challenges of their situation in the country of asylum and back in homeland upon repatriation.

Overall, the third career counselling session turned out to be a very useful resource for Shaheed Habib Ur Rehman School and College, Quetta. Shields, awards, and tokens of appreciation were given out to the students, teachers, and guest speakers as the session came to a joyous close. This action provided as a concrete acknowledgement of their active engagement and a motivational symbol to continue their academic journey with determination and resilience.

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